Half Skull Make-up Look for Halloween

Hi ladies,

As I always do when I'm looking for quirky looks I went to Petrilude's chanel in search of inspiration.

As I was looking for a Halloween look I thought a good start would be to do a skull look.

And this is what I came up with following step by step one of his tutorials.

You basically draw the teeth on your lip.
It can look a bit strange when you open your mouth or talk.

I was so surprised and proud of myself because this was the first time ever I tried to pain a skull on my face.
I found his tutorial so easy to follow and very into detail.

What I literally did was to take my laptop next to my dressing table and play and pause as I was doing the look with him. I find this is the best way to follow a tutorial.

I didn't have all the products he mentioned so I used what I had handy and there were some 

learning curves here:

-The white bit was all ok but for the black bit I used a black paint pot which was very difficult to soften at the edges. I had to re apply black shadow to be able to blend.

-I didn't have a matte grey so I used a kind of shimmery one which does not look 100% good. I'll search my collection a bit further or maybe I'll mix black and brown? or white and black?

-You can see my brows here. I need to get a new glue. I used mine to cover my brows but because it was sooo old it kept on peeling off. As this was just a test I didn't mind.

-The blood is a cheap tube I got from the supermarket which looks so real in real life but the bloody thing stained my face! I'm literally writing this with horrible red stain on the middle of my face.

Does any one know how to avoid this staining or how to get rid of it?

As you can see, there's plenty room for improvement!
It was just a road test which went quite well in my opinion :-)
I will make some changes on Saturday so that I get the perfect look!

This is how my dressing table ended up looking: a mess

Click here to see his tutorial.



Did you like my half skull look?

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  1. Andrea

    Andrea on 10/27/2010 10:26 a.m. #

    you&#39;re an artist! i would be unable to do something like this. <br />I must admit that I love petrilude. He explains everything he does and it&#39;s quite easy to do a look following his steps. Nevertheless, well done!!<br /><br />xx

  2. Tali

    Tali on 10/28/2010 7:59 p.m. #

    Fabulous.. you need to do more of these they are so much fun!!!

  3. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 10/28/2010 11:52 p.m. #

    @ Andrea and Tali: Thanks girls. I really think this will be my look for this Saturday. Very sexy LOL! XXX

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