MUFE Aqua Cream in N5: Not too sure about it!?

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well, keeping gorgeous and happy.

On my tip to Florence I also wet to Sephora.
It was my first experience in that shop and it was ok. 
It wasn't a big one but to my delight it was nearly I could swatch and swatch and swatch and I had all the counters to myself...especially the Make Up For Ever one!

I picked up two products:
The famous e/s in 92...the most gorgeous purple.
And I picked up the multi purpose Aqua Cream in number 5.

It's supposed to be one of those for the eyes, the cheeks and the lips.
We'll see.

This is what it looks like in the pot:

Swatched and more looking at natural light:

The colour:
It's like a peachy coral (if that make sense) with a tiny bit of pink undertone.
It reminds me a bit of Style blush by Mac and a bit of Rubenesque paint pot.
What I think bothers me is that there is a lotttttt of minuscule gold glitter all over the place! 

The texture:
It's a bit like a soft paste but it goes super smooth.

Stay in place power:
Super long stay in power. This thing will not come off easily.

This product has a bit of a strange smell but only in the pot.


On my cheeks:

And on my lips:

I haven't tried it yet on my eyes.

What I like about this product:

-I love the colour and the shimmer that gives to my cheeks. 
-It's like a cream version of Style by Mac. 
-It has that kind of satin feel and look and it's reflected on your skin.
-A tiny tiny bit goes a long way.
-It will stay on for long hours.

What I don't like about this product:
-It left my lips a bit dry and when it was fading away it looked horrible. I guess it would have been better to have my lips exfoliated beforehand.
-However, my big issue here is the glitttteerrrr!! Isn't that strange!? 
I love glitter normally but not sure I like it on my cheeks.
Ok, It's not that kind of loose glitter that ends up everywhere because this one will be stuck there no matter the weather.
I'm not sure you spotted the sparkles on the photos but they are visible in real life.

I know, I swatched it in the shop and for some reason I liked it (obviously)!
I think the glitter didn't look too bad on my hand. I was also eyeing I think number 6 and 9..which are also on the peach side...and for some silly reason I picked up number 5! Silly meeeeeee!!

I'm still in doubt with this cream's such a shame as they are not cheap and they are a bit hard to get here in the UK.

I'll keep on trying it to see if I come to terms with it and we can live happily ever after!

I'll keep you posted.

Take care.



Have you tried any of the Make Up For Ever multi purpose Aqua Creams? 
What do you think about them?

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