Kiko Make-up Milano: Haul (part 2)

Hi everyone,

 Let's continue with part 2 of my Kiko Make-up Milano haul.

This is the interesting bit: eyeshadows!

If you haven't read my first post where I tell you a bit about the brand and how I came to know it
click here.

They have different types/ categories of eyeshadows and this is reflected in their finishes, packaging and of course their price.
However, as I said in my previous post Kiko has very reasonable prices.
I purchased eyeshadows for €2, €3, €4.90, €5.90 and €6.90.

Their naming system is by numbers.

This will be a long post so let's get started.
(click on any image to enlarge)

This is what the box for all the eyeshadows looks like.
(very similar to Mac)

If you are wondering about the nail polish I'm wearing it's Mushroom by Barry M.

1-Colour Sphere eyeshadows

Number 08
In real life it's more like an aqua cross between green and light blue (think Mediterranean sea) with some frost finish and some cheeky silver glitter.

Number 22
This one is very interesting.
It's a mocha brown with some burgundy and blue undertones.
Quite pigmented.
No glitter here just a bit of shine.

Number 21
Medium brown with some shine and a tiny bit of silver glitter.
Not extremely pigmented but buildable.

I find that with these the pigmentation and the finishes varies a bit.
They are all really pretty. 
The less expensive ones were on a special offer box.

Swatches of everything will be next on part 3.

2-These are just called eyeshadows 
(they look smaller than the previous ones but you actually get more product!)

Number 09
In real life it's more like a mustard colour.
It's a matte one

Number 88
This e/s is the colour of Strobe Liquid by Mac: that kind of iridescent pink with hints of white.
It has some tiny  silver glitter as well.

Number 59
This is a classic dark copper one.
It has a shiny/frosty/ velvety finish.

3-Colour Shehere Duo Eyeshadows

Number 108
The light half is a very baby pink frosty e/s and the dark purple (it's darker in real life) is gorgeeeeoussss. 
The dark bit is a frosty type as well with some shine to it and like a darker purple undertone.

Number 210
The lighter half is like a iridescent lavender shine with some white glitter (similar to mac reflects).
The darker half reminds me of Stars and Rockets by Mac. It's very similar in colour and it changes depending the light.

Number 203
These are both matte e/s.
And they are pretty much similar to what you see in this picture.

Number 200
These are matte as well.
And again you get a similar result as in the pan although the dark bit is more like a green/brown in real life.

4-Colour Sphere Eyeshadow

I decided to put these separately because they look like the eyeshadows from the style black collection from Mac. It's that kind on mineralized e/s with some shine/glitter.
Although I don't think the quality is comparable.

I had to take pictures a bit far away from the pan as the flash kept changing the colour and I wanted to show you the colours as close as they are in real life.

Number 27
It looks grey in this picture but in real life is an incredible emerald green with some dark
(black) undertones.
It has some green emerald glitter.
The pigmentation is very light.
Ideally to be used with a wet brush.

Number 41
This one reminds me of the soon to be released Dark Magic e/s by mac from the Venomous Villains collection
It's a dark purple mixed with a bit of black and some purple sparkles.
The pigmentation is very light.
Ideally to be used with a wet brush.

This is dark magic
(Image from

Number 36
This is a blue shadow with some black undertone and some blue and green sparkles through it.
The pigmentation is very light.
Ideally to be used with a wet brush.

Number 26
This is a very pretty one. It's a mixture of grey and purple with a bit of silver.
It has some silver, pink and gold tiny flecks in it.
The pigmentation is very light.
Ideally to be used with a wet brush.

Number 18
 This one is a marbled one. If you swirl your brush you get like a dirty white very near to a beige with some shimmer and some silver flecks.
The pigmentation is very light.
Ideally to be used with a wet brush.

This last lot is incredibly sparkly so if you are not up for a bit of sparkle in your eyes then forget about these.

Also, these are the kind of e/s that look horrible and cheap on daylight but that they look amazing at night or when some artificial yellow light hits them. They sparkle like mad!

Some of them are nicer than in the shop and some other are not.
I will try to work with them a bit during this weekend and I'll come back to you with proper swatches and ideas on how to get the best out of these
(I'm guessing it will be with a wet brush).

Can't wait to use them and to show you some photo tutorials with them.

-Stay tuned for part 3 (swatches)-

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care


I hope you liked my haul :-)

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  1. Yi

    Yi on 09/03/2010 8:54 p.m. #

    Hi im a new subbie:) I like the last session of the e/s, indeed, they are much alike the Mac style black colletion!! :) and with the killer prices!!! <br /><br />Yi <br />xxx

  2. Vivianna

    Vivianna on 09/05/2010 4:54 p.m. #

    Wow you got such a nice range of colours - much more adventurous than I would have been! Love the number 41 - think you might have a good dupe there x

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