£3.99 DUPE for Delinquent purple cream shadow by UD

Hi everyone,

As you know I'm always in the look for cheap and good dupes for expensive make up.

And for this one I think I found a 98% dupe!

Let's get straight to it.

On the left we have the Urban Decay cream shadow in Delinquent (purple) and on the right we have it's near perfect dupe: Colour mousse in Galaxy by Rimmel.

On the left we have the UD cream shadow wand and on the right how Galaxy pot looks like when opened.
Nothing interesting there.

But...when you look at the swatches:
-Different angles and flashes-
(click to enlarge)

On the left: UD Delinquent
On the right: Galaxy by Rimmel

I actually prefer this version.
It's more of a vibrant purple, it's more creamy and it sets quicker.
The texture when dried is better as well.

It has some tiny sparkles which don't bother me.
 It's a tiny bit on the plummy side of purples.
The wand would seem to be good but it's actually useless.

More if the technical and important info:

UD Delinquent: 6.7ml
Rimmel Galaxy: 5ml
(very close there in terms of quantity)

UD Delinquent: £11
Rimmel Galaxy: £3.99

The 2% will be purely on the colour difference.
There is a tiny tiny tiny difference that in my opinion won't be that noticeable once applied on the eye lids.

What do you think?
Have we found a cheap and good dupe?

Take care.



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  1. Makeup Savvy

    Makeup Savvy on 08/18/2010 2:43 p.m. #

    Great dupe - will have to get this now! <br /><br />Fee x

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