Bumpits in the UK for only £1!

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post to let you know that I found the famous 
Bumpits in Poundland!

Yes, yes, yes, you read well...in the pound shop! And yes, they were only £1 compared to the official Bumpits which retails in the UK at £9.99!

If you don't know what Bumpits is then have a look at my previous post about them and a quick demo here

So, this is what the Bumpits from Poundland looks like compared to the original.
There are good things and bad things...let's see:

This is what the packagings look like:

L-R: The American version (which is actually distributed here by a UK company) and then the Poundland version.

Note how they call it Volumising Inserts here. 
That's because Bumpits is actually a registered trade mark....but we're talking about the same product.

I find the difference between the two photos really interesting.
In the American version they chose a more "mature" lady and in the UK a very young girl.
In the American version the lady has a nearly make up free face whereas in the UK one the girl has a considerable amount of make up and killer lashes..nice!!

When  you open the Poundland one you get this:

The good thing: You get two extra pieces compared to the original Bumpits.
The bad thing: as far as I know they only come in "black". I had a cheeky peek inside all the other boxes and they were all black. This will mean that if you have fair hair it might be a bit more difficult to disguise them. or you will have to back comb a bit more to get more coverage.

The guide they give you is very basic:

But in the link above (my previous post and demo) you can see a photo of the Bumpits guide so you can get the ideas from there.

Side by side:

L: the original Bumpits (in light brown) and on the R the Poundland version (in black).

So, what do I think?

Well, the one from the Poundland is very good in terms of quality. the litte teeth are very strong and they seem to be very similar in weight and in plastic quality although I think the Bumpits one is a bit better.
The colour could be an issue for a lot of people. I will have to test them to see how good you can disguise the colour but I guess if the inserts are visible and your hair is not black then it will look really bad. You could maybe go on and spray them with a different colour? Would anyone bother?

I also think that it's brilliant that the one from the Poundland has an extra middle bit because to be honest that's the one that you will use the most. The big insert is a bit over the top and it will be for party seasons only. I also love that they provide us with two little inserts. They are fantastic for the sides or for the fringe. 

I guess they are worth a try. They are only £1!!!!!!
What can you loose?

If you are wondering what else I normally get from the Poundland shop...
Well...it's my poo bag provider (for Willow of course) and they have some good doggie toys. Willow destroys everything (that's the terrier in her) so I'm not going to buy expensive toys for her.

Occasionally I might go for some extra "beauty" products like these:

-These wipes are "ok", especially for a not too much make up day. I use them to clean my brushes in between washes and to clean products or my dressing table. 
Yesterday they had a 2 x £1 offer. Not bad.
But be warned, they are nottttt brilliant and for full face make up and thick mascara you will need extra help.

-The eyelash curler: I love this one. The one I had was very good but because I have very small eyes the eyelash curler will dent my lashes or will give me like a 90 degree angle curl effect. This one is brilliant for small eyes...and its only £1! ;-)

Fun eyelashes: Haven't used them yet but they look nice. They had some more but they looked pretty bad. These ones looked "ok". We'll see.

The Poundland shop also has some make up but I wouldn't dare to try it. 
Everything looks really bad!

I hope you found this post useful.
Let me know if you get them.

Take care.



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  1. Marie

    Marie on 08/17/2010 5:44 p.m. #

    What a great find!:D They say we have that here for $1 at the Dollar Store.:D<br /><br />http://allthingsmarie.blogspot.com/<br />Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.<br />&amp; Life According to Marie.

  2. 3ate4

    3ate4 on 08/18/2010 5:50 p.m. #

    I like the idea of Bumpits but I think I&#39;d be paranoid you could see them all the time!

  3. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 08/18/2010 6:56 p.m. #

    @Marie: Brilliant. Go and get them...they are brilliant. XX<br /><br />@3eat4: I totally know what you mean..I would probably be the same. I think the UK version is brilliant for girls with darker hair. I guess you can still go for the original ones which come in like 3-4 colours. XX

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