I'm loving Bumpits! Including "How to"

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you my love for Bumpits.

If you are not familiar with Bumpits, they are plastic inserts shaped as wedges with self grippings that claim to give you instant volume. You can do a lot of hair dos with them. Just think of those stunning 1960s' and 1970's ladies with ginormous hair...that's what I'm talking about. 
They come in different shades to match your hair: light blonde, medium/dark blonde, brunette and black.

For you to know what I'm talking about from the start this is what they look like:

I fell in love with what you can do with them by watching videos on Youtube. All these American girls looked incredibly stunning after just two minutes of manipulating their hair and using these.
I wanted a bit of that American beauty...
I wanted them really badly.

I've never seen them on any shop in London and I wasn't sure I wanted to go through the process of ordering from the States, waiting for the delivery and then maybe getting charged the horrible extra taxes.

Butttttttttt...yesterday I was doing some stuff in central London and I just saw this shop (Sally Express) that specialises in hair/ nail/ beauty supplies for salons and normal customers. I went inside straight away as I'm constantly looking for some decent hair extensions (I want more volume) and fake beehives. 
I was soooo sooo soooo happy when I saw they carried the famous Bumpits!!! I forgot what I was looking for in the first place. I purchased them straight away (£9.99) and I went home as soon as I could to try them.

This is what the kit looks like when you purchase it:
You get: three Bumpits, a cute short (and travel-handy) rat tail comb (for teasing) and a handy guide.

This is a sneaky peek at the guide:
(click to enlarge)

Now...on to the how to!

On their website they claim that it's just as easy as 
1-Simply part the hair at crown and gently tease
2-Firmly place Bumpits behind the part line
3-Firmly spray. Finished!

Well...this DID NOT work on me at all. You could see the Bumpits and it looked silly! Bumpits.com ..you're lying to me! won't trust you any more.

Also, the video on their web cracked me up! it's so cheesy! 

So...this is how it's done for a real finished look:
Bumpits alla Mercedes "how to":

1-Grab your hair at the crown like so:

(Girls, please totally ignore my naked face or clothes..justtt loookkk at the hair)

2-You will now separate it in 3 parts. First, let's concentrate on the last two from behind:

3- Grab the last part from behind and with the comb tease a bit. Use hair spray if you hair is too clean or too thin. You will need to tease it so that the Bumpits grab the teased part and stays put:


4- Now get the Bumpits of your choice. If you want to get full volume go for the bigger one. I wanted to try the smaller one so that's the want I'm going to show you today. Place the Bumpits right on top of the teased bit. Wiggle it a bit until you feel it's secure. You might be wondering how it attaches itself? Well, they have like little teeth that actually look like tiny arrows. Because you teased the hair part this will make it easier to grab onto your hair. 

Look at the teeth
(click to enlarge)

Place it:

5-Remember that you have two more hair sections? Tease the middle part. This will be the first part to cover the Bumpits. You might still see the Bumpits and the teeth sneaking out. It's ok! You have the other front part to help you cover the whole thing.

Middle part goes on top of the Bumpits:

6-Now grab your front/last hair section and tease if you want. Tesaed or not place it on top of the middle part which is ontop of the Bumpits. This extra hair section will help you cover/correct any mistakes or help you disguise the visible Bumpits. Comb to smooth out your hair if necessary:

7-Done!!! Now you can take it wherever you want from here. You can use hair bands, flowers, clips, anything.

I also did the shake experiment and it didn't move! I'm impressed.

This is my look yesterday when I was trying it out!

I quickly tried a messy pony tail and this is what it looked like:

Aren't you in love with them already? I'm totally!

It requires minimum effort, you don't damage your hair that much and you end up with a gorgeous hair do!

There is so much that you can do with them. See the guide above. 

I will keep on trying and I'll come back to show you.

Available at Sally Express: www.sallyexpress.com
If you are in London just pop into their store...they have so many things.
They are in between Tottenham Court Road Station and Leicester Square Station.
Check their web for details.

They also carry OPI and China Galze...I was very good and didn't buy anything else...I was too exited with Bumpits alone...so I'll get something else some other day.

I hope you liked it and I hope the "how to" was helpful.

See you soon.



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You make my day every day.

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  1. Kimberley

    Kimberley on 07/15/2010 3:38 p.m. #

    Hi,<br /><br />I love these &amp; the look you created, never seen them before, so will have to look out for them! great Blog btw! x<br /><br />http://beautifullyflourished.blogspot.com/

  2. Style, She Wrote

    Style, She Wrote on 07/16/2010 2:26 a.m. #

    Awesome hairdo. I was wary of the bumpit but it blends in so well!

  3. SabinePsynopsis

    SabinePsynopsis on 07/16/2010 11:34 a.m. #

    I&#39;ve never heard of them, but I think I certainly need one! xo

  4. Vivianna

    Vivianna on 07/16/2010 5:34 p.m. #

    This looks amazing!!! I&#39;ve always wondered how girls get their hair to go in voluminous looking ponytails and you have found their secret! I&#39;m going to have to get myself one :) x x p.s)Stunning haircolour!!

  5. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 07/16/2010 7:18 p.m. #

    @Kimberley: Thanks!!!!<br /><br />@Style, She Write: Yes they do but you need to make sure you get two thick front sections to cover it well. <br /><br />@SabinePsynopsis: We all need them. They are brilliant.<br /><br />@Vivianna: Thanks!!! Yes, go and get some. There is no looking back after these....no more teasing and litres of hair spray...they should be gone for ever.

  6. Vicky

    Vicky on 07/21/2010 12:41 a.m. #

    I want one too! Loved your look! Thank you for beeing our fashion detective!

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