Eyelash growth- Update-7th week

Hi everyone,

7 weeks ago I embarked on an eyelash growth experiment using only natural products 
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The ingredients consisted on:
Equal parts of:
-Vitamin E oil
-Pure Coconut oil
-Sweet Almond oil
-Virgin Castor oil

Frequency and way I applied it:
-Once a day (night)
-I used a cotton bud and I applied the mixed all over my top and bottom lashes until they were all wet with the product.

I was very intrigued and exited about this "natural" potion to make my eyelashes look longer and I read on many many blogs that it actually worked.

But it it work on me?

Let's see:

Week 0

Week 2

Week 7

0 week

2 weeks

7 weeks

Well...I am really sad to confirm that there is no magic "natural" potion for eyelash growth, at least for me. Even though I was a bit slack on application frequency  (i.e. late arrival at home on Fridays/ weekends with the aim of just hitting the bed, got hooked on my book and then fell asleep, etc) I would say I applied the mixture about 95% of the duration of the treatment . 

A very good thing about this mixture as that it's fuzz free. You put it on and the next morning you wake up with no residues on your face or no product left and dried up on your eyelashes.

I know that these natural mixtures might take a bit more time than chemically enhanced products so maybe 7 weeks is a bit too soon compared to a product like Lilash? However,  I will say that I can see a tiny improvement on my eyelashes. They are not as long as I hoped but they are definitely thicker (not sure this is noticeable on the photos). Where i noticed more change is on my bottom lashes actually. 
Regarding my top lashes, unfortunately they grow kind of straight so it's even harder to monitor any growth. I was expecting a more noticeable change/ growth but that didn't happen so far.

I've been applying the mixture on my brows as well and there I can definitely see some change/growth. You can clearly see the mess on the photos :-).
 We'll see if I can grow them enough to change the shape but I doubt it.

Anyway, my conclusion would be that I guess this mixture works for a lot of people but unfortunately it did very little to enhance my eyelash growth.

My next step? 
I'm now applying just Castor Oil to my eyelashes as that is the key ingredient for eyelash growth. 
I just want to see if a concentrated application of this oil will make any difference at all.
I will keep all the other oils as they are brilliant as hair treatment. 

I'll let you know if I see any difference.

See you soon.



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  1. Ashley Monroe

    Ashley Monroe on 05/22/2012 9:33 a.m. #

    People are fond of using cosmetic products to enhance their looks and increase their confidence but always be careful what product to use. Negative should not outrun the positive so awareness is a must.

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