I confess...I'm in love with Eurydice!

Hi everyone,

I had to share this with you! It's one of the most gorgeous eye shadow duos on earth: 
Eurydice by Nars

The shadow on the left is a purple/plum with blue flecks that sparkles like mad. The shadow on the right is a dark black with silver flecks. I would recommend you use a wet brush to get the most out of these shadows. They are both incredibly easy to blend and super soft. The purple can be a bit less pigmented than the other Nars eye shadows but it you use it wet you will get the exact colour you see on the swatches below.

There is no need to say anything else...just have a look at the photos below:

A close up

Back (not a clue how you pronounce the name)

And look at THESE SWATCHES...say no more..
(click to enlarge..have a close look..it's worth it!)
I used wet fingers to swatch them..I find this is the best way to use these e/s and get the full effect.

Have a lovely (sunny) day everyone...

See ya soon


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  1. liloo

    liloo on 06/24/2010 2:04 p.m. #

    Damnnnn this is gorgeous :-o

  2. mytigerlily

    mytigerlily on 06/25/2010 6:52 a.m. #

    akd;fjskd *blink* Oh, sorry I was just recovering from fainting on my keyboard. I&#39;m speechless. Just when I thought I wouldn&#39;t really be needing any eyeshadow... I saw your swatch and literally died inside. Pleasee do an eotd with this!! Is it LE??<br /><br />xx tomi

  3. Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up

    Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up on 06/25/2010 11:22 a.m. #

    @Liloo: Yes, I love it. I&#39;m sure Nars is widely available in France? :-P<br /><br />@Mytigerlily: Lol! I know it&#39;s gorgeous. It&#39;s from the regular collection as far as I know so I&#39;m sure you will be able to get it at any Nars&#39; counter. I&#39;ll definitely do an EOTD for you...keep an eye on the next posts. :-)

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