Hi everyone,

I’m going out this afternoon/evening (yeeeyyy) and I wanted to share my look of the day + my very simple outfit.

This is the look I went for: Retro glam!

And this is the outfit:

I will update this post tomorrow with all the products I’ve used. I’m a bit in a rush now.
Have a lovely Friday!!

I hope you liked it.

See ya soon.


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  1. liloo

    liloo on 06/04/2010 4:55 p.m. #

    LOVE the outfit and the makeup of course ;)<br />Ths head band is awesome.<br />Yopu understand, I love the entire look XD<br />Thx for sharing and have a great time ;)<br />xoxo

  2. Indigo

    Indigo on 06/04/2010 10:33 p.m. #

    I really like this look, its simple but ultra glam! I&#39;m not great at make up, i just focus on fashion...see blog...but its no nice to find such a good blog that also tests out the make up...cause I&#39;m desperatly trying to find a good mascara at the moment!<br /><br />lovely blog :)

  3. Ms Purple Make-up in black and white

    Ms Purple Make-up in black and white on 06/05/2010 12:46 a.m. #

    @Liloo: Thanks you! You&#39;re always so kind!!! I actually had a brilliant time. We just went to St James&#39; Park for a bit of sun, a little picnic, a little drink and a massive chat..All girls :-) <br /><br />@Indigo: Thank you for becoming a follower!<br />It&#39;s always nice to hear that I can help..even with my tiny modest reviews. I hope I will not disappoint you. I have tones of more mascaras to review. Keep coming back :-)

  4. Vivianna

    Vivianna on 06/05/2010 8:58 a.m. #

    Beautiful! Makeup lovely as always and I love that hairband, can&#39;t wait for your next blog - I need to know where that hairband is from!!

  5. Ms Purple Make-up in black and white

    Ms Purple Make-up in black and white on 06/05/2010 11:09 a.m. #

    @Vivianna: Thanks!! It&#39;s from Urban Outfitters. The one that&#39;s kind of opposite the MAC store in Covent Garden. I guess you can get it online as well. I got it about 3-4 months ago. No sure if they still have it.<br />How did your exam go?<br />XXX

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