Review week: 2- Sexy Curves by Rimmel

Hi ladies,

This is the second mascara cutepop (from Outside Beauty) asked me to show you so here I am.

Sexy Curves by Rimmel comes in two different shades. I believe they are black and intense black. The one I have is the intense black. It also comes in a waterproof formula which I haven’t tried yet.

Apparently this formula is a special one because it curls the lashes while it dries! Or so they say.

I only have good things to say about this mascara. I love every thing about it!

Let’s start with the demonstration:

Packaging and wand:
(Click to enlarge) 

No make up:

First coat:

Second coat:


-As regards the packaging and the wand: I love this packaging as it’s purple (silly me)! Initially, I doubted this wand could do anything good as it looked as it couldn't really hold a lot of product. But it’s brilliant! It’s a plastic spiky one and it really helps a lot with the application. I love it. There is nearly no mess going on when you apply it. Any mess you see on these photos it’s just me being clumsy this morning and nothing to do with the wand!

-The formula is very good. Not too dry and not too wet...just perfect. The only thing to bear in mind is that it dries quite quickly to be honest so don’t wait too long to apply a second coat. As I said before, this formula apparently curls your eyelashes for you. I can see a bit of that going on but nothing too dramatic.

-You do not get any clumps with this mascara and the wand is really good to avoid this.

-As regards the durability: this particular one is not waterproof but it lasts a long time. I haven’t experienced any nasty circles o any flecks of mascara during the day when I use it so all good!

-The colour is a very intense black. There is a softer black available.

My conclusion on this product is that it turned out to be my “go to” mascara! That says it all I guess.  I really like it and I would strongly recommend it! I don’t think you will get disappointed with it.

I hope this post was useful.

See ya soon.


Let me know which mascara you would like me to review next!
The list is on this post from two days ago: Planned review posts

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