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I was tagged by the lovely Liloo to do these two short and fun tags. I thought I should do it so that you guys know a tiny bit more about me.

Before, please let me tell you that if you don’t follow Liloo then YOU SHOULD! Her make up and photographs are amazing! Her blog is mainly in French but she also has some English speaking followers so most of the times she kindly writes her comments in English as well. However, you should be able to see and understand her make up techniques just by looking at the photos anyway! Love her.

So, here it goes:

In the first one was to reveal the 8th photo in the 8th folder on my computer and here it is:

Please don’t laugh! This is our prom and we are talking about 1998! Obviously I am the one in the purple dress at the front and with beehive hair style. I actually still keep in contact with loads of these guys and we always meet up when I go back home.

The second tag consists of 12 questions...

1. What shoe size are you?
I’m size 5 which is 37/8 I believe? It depends on the shoe really.

2. Where do you work?
At the moment I’m working from home doing translations English>Spanish and before I used to work in a translation agency as Sales Manager and previously to that as a Project Manager. Always in the translation industry.

3. Favourite piece of clothing you own?
Mmm not sure I can say only one. But it has to be my skinny jeans which are the perfect length: ankle length. I’m quite short and I struggle to find jeans I don’t need to cut. Most of the time I find myself looking into the kids section as they fit me and they are the perfect length…and they are cheaper!!!!
I also love all my vintage dresses…I collect them and they deserve a separate post!

4. Your favourite blog?
I can’t say one as each one I follow are my favourite ones for different reasons. I also follow blogs not related to make up or fashion so it’s even harder to say.

5. Do you have any pets?
Of courseeee!!! Willow..I’m sure you all know her if you follow my blog. She is a Jack Russell cross with an English Bull Terrier from Battersea. We had her for a year now. We love her to bits but she is incredibly naughty as hell, especially in the park.

6. How many siblings do you have?
2 sisters and one brother. I’m the little one.

7. If you could live anywhere were would it be?
I would love to live 6 months in London (where I currently live) and 6 month in Buenos Aires (my home city). I would follow the summer.

8. What were you doing before this?
I took Willow for a walk for about an hour and then had a cup of Lady Grey and two chocolate biscuits (naughty naughty).

9. Your favourite food?
Anything with cheese.

10. Do you have a middle name?
Actually Mercedes is my middle name. I never used my first name.

11. Your favourite websites?

12. Who do you tag?
Vivianna: http://viviannadoesmakeup.blogspot.com/
Michelle: http://2lipsticks.blogspot.com/
Sandra: http://if-it-comes-in-pink.blogspot.com/

Please do check out these lovely ladies! Their blogs are really good and informative!

See ya soon.


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  1. Michelle

    Michelle on 05/19/2010 2:09 p.m. #

    Thanks for the tag hun! Will do it asap and link bank =) xx

  2. ineke

    ineke on 06/20/2012 12:43 a.m. #

    Muy interesnate el tag Mercedes me gustan mucho porque asi conozco mas de vos y me encanta!!besotes y ya te sigo aqui no sabia que tenias blog!!

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